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Randy's Experience and Credentials
      A real rancher with real experience...

 Randy Leifeste and his family have been active in the cattle industry for most of their lives.

Randy Leifeste was raised on a ranch that has been in Wildflowers in spring on the family ranch in Castell, Texashis family for 120 years. The ranch is located in Castell, Texas, on the Mason-Llano County line. Randy grew up raising and showing cattle, winning numerous contests. He then graduated from Texas Tech with a BS degree in Ag Economics. For 15 years, he served as Superior Oil Company's Manager of Land and Cattle Operations, which encompassed four large ranches scattered across Texas.
He has marketed thousands of Santa Gertrudis cattle to over 29 foreign countries and 25 states, and served nine years as County Commissioner of Llano County.

Texas Governor George W. Bush with Randy Leifeste
Texas Governor George W. Bush with Randy Leifeste

In short, Randy Leifeste knows cattle, wildlife, ranch management and most importantly, people. Let a rancher find your ranch - sometimes it takes a rancher to talk to a rancher.

Every ranch buyer and every ranch are different. Whether you're looking for a ranch for hunting, income or investing, Randy can advise you, he knows what to look for - overgrazing, poor game management, inadequate water, poor soil and undesirable plants. 

Randy Leifeste, "The Ranch Man", with his numerous ranch contacts, real estate contacts and just "good ole Hill Country common sense", can help you side step the many problems which can arise during your ranch purchase.

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Cascading waterfalls on the beautifil Hill Country ranch land in Llano County Texas

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